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Over the years I have supported and worked with many busy people in all kinds of demanding positions.  My experience has predominately come from the Financial Services and Insurance industries. I have worked in administrative roles for several years, progressing into sales support, which lead to my move into sales and account management.  Success in these roles saw me move into a senior management role, which I enjoyed and excelled in, leading a team of office-based sales managers.  Looking for a fresh challenge, I moved across to events management, an underlying true passion of mine, where I found myself working in Central London and enjoyed working on a variety of events from board meetings and training seminars to conferences, town halls, VIP events and planning events globally. Alongside my full-time job, I built a local events company, where I assist with sourcing items for people to hire, dress venues and work with clients to plan and deliver events, such as birthdays, award ceremonies and private dining.


During the pandemic life changing events happened on a personal level that led me to re-evaluate my working situation and look at a different way of working, like so many people around the world did too.  I didn’t always set out to lead the entrepreneurial life, my career was very much going down the corporate path, as I have already spoken about.  In the background during my corporate career, I looked at Network Marketing and the opportunities it gave me. I spent a few years developing skills and building my knowledge on the industry. 

The confidence that came from building my network marketing business also gave me the ambition and courage to launch my Virtual Assistant business. I have such a varied skillset from my corporate days, I found I was able to complete a number of tasks to a high standard and really support Entrepreneurs and local businesses by freeing up their time when they worked with me. 


Becoming freelance gave me the freedom to balance my life and still be passionate about my work. More and more people are looking to work online and from home, this is where I can step in to support those that need extra help by taking ownership of these tasks, allowing them to grow their businesses.


For those of you looking for something new, I can also show you business opportunities where you can make the income you want all from your laptop at home. 


I’m excited to work with such a dynamic mix of people and help them to succeed by supporting their needs.

I can't wait to hear from you! Message me today and let me help you find what you're looking for.

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